She was an iron lily, a fading warrior in the dark, by the lights. For our land, for our men she had stood there on the cliff with all the letters in bag whispering

"We have been free, we shall be free for our shieldless children, for our revelation echoing in our woods, flowing in our river."

Flooding lights hit her face in the calm and quiet night as freedom landed on her shoulder with the last message

"Charlotte, I will send my swans to collect you, sail home now, flood to me."


Charlottes by the Floodlight is a collaborative collection and narrative designed and written by Antti Asplund and produced by Suomen Pukutehdas.

I dedicate Charlottes by the floodlights collection to my late grandmother and to all the Charlottes that have been. My goal was to present Charlottes in a new modern light and to crown them as an honour to their invaluable work in Finnish history.